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Cell Activator

Picture of Cell Activator
Select botanicals, nutrients and powerful antioxidants help boost the effectiveness of your vitamin and mineral intake.

Fibre & Herb

Picture of Fibre & Herb
With the issues associated with the hectic modern lifestyle you may not be consuming enough quality fibre-rich foods. Fibre and Herb is specially designed to aid safe and effective weight control, by providing an increased amount of dietary fibre, which reduces the amount of time food stays in the body and so assists in the removal of toxins and wastes.

Herbal Aloe Concentrate - Mango Flavour

Picture of Herbal Aloe Concentrate - Mango Flavour
Made from the soothing Aloe Vera leaf, Herbal Aloe Concentrate is now available in mango flavour. It’s a refreshing drink which contains Aloe Vera juice and no added sugar to give your water a refreshing tropical taste.

Herbal Aloe Concentrate - Original Flavour

Picture of Herbal Aloe Concentrate - Original Flavour
Made from the Aloe leaf, Herbal Aloe Concentrate is a refreshing drink which contains Aloe Vera gel to give water a refreshing citrus twist.


Picture of Herbalifeline
Includes Omega-3 fatty acids for cardiovascular and joint health. Includes EPA and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids and a unique blend of herbs.*

Joint Support

Picture of Joint Support
This unique formulation of herbs and enzymes, along with glucosamine, can help support flexibility and promote healthy joints and muscles.

Multifibre Drink

Picture of Multifibre Drink
MULTIFIBRE Drink is a delicious and easy way to help increase your daily fibre intake. A unique blend of soluble and insoluble fibres. MULTIFIBRE Drink contains six fibre sources – apple, oat, maize, citrus, chicory and soya. Each serving contains 5g of fibre and 15 calories.

Niteworks - 15 day

Picture of Niteworks - 15 day
Lemon-flavor mix helps with Nitric Oxide (NO) production at night when NO levels are lowest and supports energy, circulatory and vascular health.*


Picture of RoseGuard™
Roseguard has been expertly developed to help you be at your best, with a blend of vitamins A and C to support a healhty immune system and vitamin E to help protect the body's cells from oxidative stress.

Tang Kuei

Picture of Tang Kuei
Promote female reproductive health, reduce PMS discomfort and reduce stress with calming properties of the Chinese herb tang kuei (dong quai).

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